The Shop

All of these items are made from the wool of our Shetland Sheep. All fleeces are hand processed using two rinses, a 15 minute soak in hot soapy water followed by two more rinses. After carding, the wool is combed and shaped into roving which is handspun. The yarn is washed and then hand-knit. The completed shawl is then washed again and blocked. All wool is the natural color of the sheep and so there is some slight variation in color of the shawls which only adds to their beauty.


Grey Vine Lace Shawl

26″ x 32″ vine pattern lace shawl


Brown Chinese Lace Shawl

48″ x 28″ Moorit (brown) Chinese Lace pattern shawl


White Frost Flowers Shawl

70″ x 26″white Frost Flowers lace knit shawl.


Grey Chinese Lace Shawl

70″ x 30″ grey Chinese Lace shawl



Large Shoulder Bag

It has two straps and can be felted.


Large Felted Shoulder Bag

It has two shoulder straps.


Extra Large Felted Bag

It has two shoulder straps.


Small Felted Hand Bags

Same price for either one.


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