Off to the Races

Once everyone got acquainted, they were eager to prove their mettle. First they practiced on the mountain outside their shed. Stirling immediately tried to assert his dominance. Nougat was having none of it. Then Nougat, Toffee and Pepper played Merry-Go-Round.

Someone must have told them they were bunnies. They romped like this for days.

Then they were ready to head for the big field. We had had a wash out from the heavy rain and I had put some dams across it to prevent more erosion. This made a great steeplechase course. The lambies enjoyed it immensely.

Eventually, that was all they wanted to do; that, and eat grass.

Meanwhile, Edith was being bottle fed and becoming a real pet. She’s a few days old here and I’m determined to teach her her name.

And she learned her name really well.

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