My Veteran Ancestors

This Veteran’s Day I would like to honor my veteran ancestors. These are the ones that I have discovered.

Revolutionary War (12)

William Gifford

Rhode Island State Troops, Col. Lippit 1776, White Plains 1775, Princeton 1776. Reenlisted 1777 Col. Crary’s Regiment, Captain Manchester’s Company reenlisted 1779 twice more.

Uriah Roundy

Served under General Putnam, Major John Durkee, Col. Knowlton, Bunker Hill 1775, Battle of Trenton 1776, wintered at Valley Forge1777-78, Battle of Monmouth, Battle of Morristown. Possibly Washington’s personal guard.

William Reuben Briant

Capt. John William’s Company of Col. Buncomb’s Regiment, wounded at Brandywine 1776, wintered at Valley Forge1777-78, discharged at White Plains; reenlisted, fought at Battle of Cowpens.

Adam Crain Jones

served in the South Carolina Militia under Col. Andrew Williams at the Battle of Cowpens

William Townes

2nd Lieutenant, Cumberland County, Virginia Militia

Hans Steger

served as a 2nd Lieut., Powhatan Militia during the Revolutionary War. Enlisted under Capt. Joseph Carrington for the Minute Service, Amelia District, Cumberland Co., Virginia.

Amos Beard

Private in Hartwood’s Co., Col. Peter Porter’s Co., Col. Paterson’s Regiment, Continental Line, which marched in response to the alarm of Apr. 19, 1775 from Picket Co. Cambridge.

Daniel Roundy

Served in Capt. Gates Co., Vermont Militia, Continental Line.

Jesse B. Shivers

served as a musician in Capt. Child’s Company, Col. Abraham Shepard’s 10th North Carolina Regiment, Continental Line.

James McLaurine

served in Capt. Charles Fleming’s company in the Seventh Virginia Regiment of the Continental Line, commanded by Col. Crockett

Walter Carson

served in the Pennsylvania 10th Regiment, Continental Army

Texas War of Independence

Orlando Lundsford Shivers

served in Captain Love’s Company in the 1st Regiment, 1st Brigade of the Texas Volunteers on June 4, 1836 as a lieutenant under General Sam Houston

Civil War

Edmund J Gifford

Enlisted as a Private in Company K, 2nd Cavalry Regiment Wis. Promoted to Full 2nd Lieutenant on 4 Jan 1862. Mustered out June 11, 1862 due to injury.Served in Company A, 1st Infantry Regiment Iowa, fought at Wilson’s Creek 1861, injured in fall from his horse

Porter Wallace Roundy

Enlisted as a Private in Company K, 2nd Cavalry Regiment Wis. Promoted to Full 2nd Lieutenant on 4 Jan 1862. Mustered out June 11, 1862 due to injury. He reenlisted in 1864 in the 37th Wisconsin Infantry. He served as hospital steward at City Point during the siege of Petersburg.

Herman Frederich Bonorden

Enlisted as a Bugler in Company E, 2nd Iowa Cavalry 2 years after arriving from Germany. Mustered out on 03 Oct 1864. Detailed to payroll dept. the next year, where he stayed until discharge Sept. 1864.

Offa Lundsford Shivers

37th Mississippi, at Vicksburg, taken prisoner and exchanged


George Charles Butte

served as a Capt.& Major US Army, 1914 -1924 during WWI and as

the Chief of the Foreign Intelligence Section of the General Staff, Washington, DC, 1918.


Porter William Gifford, Jr.

served as a Major during WWII and was Chief of the Aircraft Section, Maintenance Division, 2nd Advanced Air Depot Area, IX Air Force Service Command, for which he was awarded the Bronze Star.

Felix Lattimore Butte

Served as a surgeon in the Army Medical Corp. 1942 -1945, stationed in England.

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