Cuteness Overload

For about a month the lambs are so cute it’s hard to get anything done. We spent a ridiculous amount of time with them and have pictures to show for it.

Dubble Stuff

It’s a good thing we did because they could find trouble everywhere. Here they got themselves between the coop and the fence just as I was about to close the gap.

Curiosity is not just for cats

Because she was bottle fed, Edith has no fear.

And Stirling associates us with food because he got to nurse only when we had his mother in a headlock.

Stirling likes to jump in my lap. Ivy gets very jealous.

We let Edith stay in the jug with Priss and Dubble Stuff. Somehow they knew the towels were for sleeping on.

Slumber party

There is a weird relationship between Ivy and the lambs.

Before weaning them we set up a creep feeder so they could get used to eating grain.

The cutest little butts

Here they are, almost sheep.

Venturing out of the Barn

As the lambs ventured out of the barn, I tried to get videos but Pepper was so shy that Sterling got the starring role. Since we had to put his mother in a headlock to get her to stand to let him nurse, he quickly started associating us with good feelings. Here he is meeting Lizzie, the flock matriarch.

Stirling Meets Lizzie

Ella can’t decide how she feels about Stirling. She won’t let him nurse but she clearly dotes on him.

Ella is Uncertain

Finally, Stirling meets Pepper.

Stirling Meets Pepper

In desperation, Stirling will nurse on anything and becomes quite a pet.

Stirling Becomes a Pet

Pretty soon, Pepper and Stirling were joined by this little Mini Me, Dubble Stuff.

Dubble Stuff