Life with Chickens

When we first bought our new place last summer there was no fencing or accommodations for our Dominique and Orpington chickens; just a field, a wood shed and large pole barn.

So among the first ten things we had to do was convert the wood shed into a chicken coop and build a run. For this Virginia had lots of help.

Now this is what I see every morning. Every. Morning.

Then it’s time for watermelon and cucumber.

Of course, once we get those finished it’s time to get more chickens – Americanas this time.

But one chicken is still not happy with the chicken palace. Phyllis prefers the hay bucket.

Smudge prefers my lap.

Then in the heat of the summer they get their shade where they they can

The base of this pine tree has the best soil for dirt baths.

Now we have Cochins, Blue Marins and “olive eggers”, oh my. Virginia never saw a chick she didn’t like.

We have moved the older Cochins from the cages in the garage to their own apartment in the run. The younger ones will join them soon. Ivy is keeping guard.

Fortunately, the egg business is doing well. Almost covers the farm assessment requirement.

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